The art of diplomacy

dscf9063While selling off a few items out of my studio today, I had some interesting conversations with various neighbours in my building.

One was a fellow who wanted to buy my cast-off stretched canvas as a gift to an ex-girlfriend, in hopes he could win her back. Is that sweet or what? I hope it works.

Another visitor, an artist, told me about how he “couldn’t get representation in this town”.¬†However, though I enjoyed talking with him, and the work he showed to me displayed talent, dedication and a keen mind, I couldn’t help but think that his cynical outlook may be what is holding him back. He complained that when he was out searching for a dealer, a certain gallery’s staff had treated him rudely–but when he told me he walked in off the street without an appointment and asked the attendant to bring up his website on the computer, I couldn’t help but think that he needs to understand that diplomacy could be part of the battle for him.

People are busy and their time needs to be valued as well as your needs. I started to suggest this to him, but his eyes glazed over. I don’t think he is interested in constructive criticism. C’est la vie. Treat people respectfully, and voila, it is returned to you.