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Hola Diego and Raoul!

I’m heading off to Barcelona and Madrid in March! The draw? Well, the sunshine OF COURSE! But actually, my main focus will be the extensive collection of Velasquez works (amongst many other important historic painters) at the Prado, and very …

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Optimistic Pursuits has moved!

If you enjoy my posts, I’ve now amalgamated this blog into my website. So come on over and follow me here. If you want to be part of my newsletter list, please then click on CONTACT and follow the prompts. …

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Lewis Desoto: The Restoration Artist

Lewis DeSoto is the author of the novels A Blade of Grass, which was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize, and The Restoration Artist, which was just published by HarperCollins. Lewis Desoto “gave up” painting to become a writer, but …

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Canadian Conceptual Painter Makes Images of Domestic Cats

Victoria painter Todd Lambeth was seriously injured in a cycling accident recently, and found himself housebound with limited movement as he convalesced. Cats at rest are the subject matter of the paintings that came out of that period.  The artists …

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The art of diplomacy

While selling off a few items out of my studio today, I had some interesting conversations with various neighbours in my building. One was a fellow who wanted to buy my cast-off stretched canvas as a gift to an ex-girlfriend, …

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Thinking about new paintings

“Voyages en Zigzag” is the working title to my next show, which will be in November 2009 at the Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto. This time, instead of working from photographs from my travels, I will stay at home (this is …

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Optimizing the Studio

The New Year has been a great time to re-evaluate my process, and think about how to optimize my painting time. Number one: re-connecting with the fact that I have always known I prefer painting on the slick, fast surface …

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Music to Paint By

[youtube=]Here’s some great music that drives you forward in the studio: Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians

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Painting Today

Painters today can do anything they want–witness  the work of Gerhard Richter, Gillian Carnegie, and Thrush Holmes.We can choose any subject– the banal, the everyday, the ugly, or (gasp!) beautiful images that people might even want to put on their walls. …

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