Slow Muse

Deborah Barlow, Colasee
36 x 36 inches
Mixed media on wood panel

Blogger friend and slow painter Deborah Barlow has announced her upcoming solo exhibition at Woodbury Museum of Art, in Orem, Utah. Her dense, multi-layered works suggest to me many possible worlds of surfaces, high-angle views of unnamed places, and the secret life of atoms.

About her work, Deborah writes:

I am most interested by what is not obvious to the eye or the mind. Evidence suggests that every entity has a physical footprint, its own atmospheric field. That holds for physical objects as well as ideas. Looking for the hidden side of things is what compels me most.

Working in this way, painting becomes a record of how to search, listen and respond multi-dimensionally. The complexity of the final piece is a complexity of perceiving, synthesizing, and navigating a limitless world.

Opening reception: Tuesday, March 12, 5-8pm