Pre-Vernissage/Open Studio

Waving a quick “hi” in the hallways and ducking back inside the studio to avoid lengthy conversation gets a bit tedious after awhile.

I’m opening my doors to share with friends what I’ve been doing in the artcave these past many months, in preparation for my show at the end of June in Montreal at Galerie de Bellefeuille.

“Varnishing day” or “vernissage” was a term used in France and England in the 19th century to describe the day before an exhibition opens, when artists would varnish or put finishing touches on their works in the company of friends and patrons. Today it is known as the “private view” or “opening”.

So tomorrow’s event is actually a  “Pre-Vernissage”.

Please join me Saturday, May 12, 2-5:30

1000 Parker Street, Suite #322B
Light refreshments will be served