Posted on November 5, 2019 by Val Nelson

Would you like some painting instruction? I offer beginner to advanced painting lessons.

I customize lessons based on what the student is inspired to learn. I usually look at recent work–(free initial 15-minute consultation by phone or Zoom) and we come up with a plan together. I teach from a number of perspectives: drawing, understanding colour, paint handling and brushwork, drawing tips, understanding use of art materials, general inspiration, and even some art history. Whether it’s still life, landscape, interiors, or portrait/figure, I can help with students’ painterly problems, in oil or acrylic.

Classes are usually around 1.5 hours which allows time for some demonstration/explanation of concepts and assigning some homework if that is desired.

Private Classes: $110 per hour ( $85 first hour for new student)/ 4-session pre-paid package $400, subject to GST.

Or: Sign up with a friend! Online classes for two @ $160/hr

Questions?: To determine which  class is for you, send me an email or call:   778-865-2650