Registration is open for my upcoming Open Studio and Painting for Beginners classes! All classes are three hours each, and take place on weekends, in a series of six consecutive weeks.

The location is in my beloved studio at #322b-1000 Parker Street.

Open Studio is for those with some painting experience who want to hone their craft while sharing the great energy of other inspiring painter/learners.  Two sessions are on offer, Saturday and Sunday, both in the afternoon.

Painting for Beginners Level 1 is a great foundation for any new (or new-ish!) painter wanting a crash course in basic classical painting technique using an impressionistic approach. Painting for Beginners Level 2 is great for those who have already taken Level 1 (or equivalent) and are eager to build on that.

Here are a few lovely testimonials from some of my students.

If you’re interested in signing on to a class with me but are not sure where you fit, feel free to email me with any questions you may have and I’ll be happy to help.