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Posted on April 19, 2018 by Val Nelson


Paint a project start to finish, or bring paintings you’d love feedback on, to bring them to completion in this series of 3-hour workshops. I love helping people carry out their vision, and help them with their technical questions! Each class begins with a 15-minute painting or drawing “warm-up” exercise.

Saturday afternoons 2:30-5:30

August 4, 11, 18, 25


To register: val@valnelson.ca



Are you feeling limited technically in your painting process and would like feedback and specific hands-on studio tutorials on how to improve the quality of your work?

Do you love to paint but find yourself being stopped by your “inner critic”?

Do you want to exhibit your work but are in the dark about how to proceed?

You deserve to be in your joy, and the world needs your gifts.

Contact me today:  val@valnelson.ca   778-865-2650

First one-hour consultation for new students: $75

4 session mentorship package: $400 which includes 4 x 1-hour sessions, and 1 followup critique by email

8 session mentorship package: $750 for 4 hours with Val, includes 2 followup email critiques


Get out of the studio and improve your drawing skills at Vancouver’s beautiful Jericho Beach Park. Drawing from direct observation is a thrilling and engaging activity that sharpens your ability to see and render form, while experiencing the world more deeply as it unfolds around you. An interesting variety of tree shapes, juxtaposed with water and manmade structures are inspiring to capture “on the fly” using just a pencil and sketchbook. You will learn how to use gesture, contour line, massing, value, and spatial relationships to create dynamic pencil drawings. This is a great class for budding travel sketchers, plein air painters, and artists who want to bring more dynamism to their studio drawings and paintings.

Session 1: Saturday May 26, 10am-4pm

Session 2: Saturday June 2, 10am-4pm

Level: Experienced Beginner/Intermediate

Meeting point/parking: Jericho Park east entrance, 3941 Point Grey Road

Fee: $150

Instructor: Val Nelson

To register: 778-865-2650 val@valnelson.ca


Learn to paint an expressive still life composition from actual objects in the studio, while making a painting from start to finish in each session. An imposed time-constraint is an excellent discipline that encourages strong decision-making and tends to result in dynamic paintings. You will learn tips on the block-in, understand tonal and chromatic contrasts, temperature differences, and learn brushwork tips to avoid “tightness” in your painting. This is a great class to improve your observational skills (also known as “drawing”), and enhance space and movement in your paintings, whether you work from photography or live setups.


Wednesday afternoons 2:30-5:30 pm

6 sessions: May 16, 23, 30, June 6, 13, & 20


Experienced Beginner

and Intermediate

Oil or acrylic

Fee: $350

Location: Val Nelson Studio, #322b-1000 Parker Street

Instructor: Val Nelson

To register: 778-865-2650 val@valnelson.ca



I’m excited to share that I now have over 1800  students taking my online painting course with Craftsy, a company in Denver that specializes in interactive classes on fine art and crafting. The company is listed among the top 30 start-up companies in America by Forbes, and is watched by 2.5 million viewers. They produced an online tutorial of my “Loosen Up”  class, which you can access anytime, anywhere, and once you’ve purchased the course, you own it forever. This year (2017) Craftsy was acquired by NBC Universal.

Here’s a little story about how it all happened.


Here’s a link to my Craftsy class, and make sure you have a look at another class by my friend and awesome oil painter and teacher, Jay Senetchko–– Paint and Palette Essentials.

Some student testimonials on the Craftsy class:

“Val, I loved everything about these lessons. The way you communicated the step by step processes, taking us through from start to finish was easy to follow and clear. The filming was fantastic and the way you talked to us made me feel like I was in the room. You’ve inspired me!
Highly recommend this for any painter wanting to loosen up or just enjoy painting! Thank you.”

“Val Nelson’s experience with painting is a joy to watch and learn. Her approach is encouraging, informative, and she offers a variety of techniques of how to paint more loosely. She shows how painting in a more expressive way is about using the materials in a thoughtful and resourceful manner. I highly recommend this course to any artist who wants to learn how to paint in a more expressive style.”

“This class has revealed so many techniques that I have missing at my level of painting. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I’m self taught so my knowledge of the essential elements of composition, structure, and brush work is weak. This class has been so very valuable to my artistic journey. Thank you, Val Nelson and, once again, Craftsy!”


I paint full-time, so I teach when my schedule permits. In my 1000 Parker Street studio in East Vancouver, I can accommodate private sessions for up to 2 people, and sometimes I teach group sessions. My group classes are often in six-week blocks (one 3-hour session per week), and sometimes I teach weekend and five-day intensives. I’m also available as a consultant/mentor to aspiring professional artists, as a guest teacher at art-schools and for painting groups, and I occasionally give painting demonstrations.

2018 RATES

Group classes at your choice of location within the Vancouver mainland:Full day (6-7 hours) $600 Half day (3 hours) $400
For classes outside of Vancouver, travel and accommodation (expenses extra.

Private Tutoring: $75/hr first consultation, $100/hr

Private Tutoring for Two: $150/hr

Painting Mentorship:

First one-hour consultation for new students: $75

4 session mentorship package: $400 which includes 4 x 1-hour sessions, and 1 followup critique by email

8 session mentorship package: $800 which includes 8 x 1-hour sessions, and  2 followup critiques by email

1.5 hour Demonstration:  $250

Artist Talk: $350

Testimonials: Click here if you would like to read about how others feel about my classes.

Email list: If you’d like to be notified of future workshops and classes, or would like to discuss other ways in which we could work together that could be potentially awesome,  please email me : val@valnelson.ca