Stuff I like

Here are a few artists I’ve been thinking about lately. All project an unabashed romantic sensibility in their paintings, and all are self-taught, ambitious women painters. Look for their work at Vancouver’s Eastside Culture Crawl, November 18, 19, and 20.

Eri Ishii, Web of memories, oil on canvas, 2011

My painter pal Eri Ishii is really pushing the paint around these days, with her emotion-drenched but playful compositions. As well as at the Crawl, you can also check out her work at her upcoming solo show at Ian Tan Gallery, Dec 3-23, 2011.

Carla Tak, Untitled #26, 46 x 66 inches, acrylic on canvas, 2011

It feels like Carla Tak has one foot in post WWII New York, and that’s a good thing. Her intuitive mark-making is a stunner.

Carylann, oil on canvas

Carylann, who has a studio across the hall from me, has been slaving away for seven years on her own, and a mature style is emerging. What might at first glance appear merely nostalgic has a darker urban undertone which grounds it nicely.

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