Hello dear students!

I am scheduling an Open Painting Studio online painting session for Sunday, May 16, 10am-1pm. I miss you and it would be great to hang out and help you move your painting process forward. It’s especially important to find connection wherever and whenever we can right now so—-LET’S PAINT!

Please let me know if you would like to attend. Once I have at least two people committed, the session will go ahead. So please tell your painterly friends as well!

Fee: $80 Payable through E-transfer to

What to bring:
Your personal project, which may be something you have on the go, or something you want to start in class.
Materials: Your usual supplies, ie paints, canvas, brushes, water or mediums, palette, shop towels, a photo source or other reference material for your project idea.

What will happen in class:
We’ll start with an exchange/share between participants of each others’ project for mutual support and inspiration. Then I will touch on each of you to get you started on your goals for the session, after which my guidance is available to you as required. Near the end of the session we will do a group share to check in on everyone’s progress and encourage future goal-setting!

I use Zoom, so you will need to have that app downloaded. I will send the link 30-15 minutes before your session.

talk soon!